Fashom Maven

Fashom is the ONLY Fashion app that promotes body confidence and self love! As a brand, we firmly believe in non-conformity stereotypes in fashion. We desire for everyone to showcase their true self through their clothing choices. You can find more information about Fashom at Fashom.com.

Fashom Maven is a campus ambassador program at Fashom. You will be the voice of Fashom on your college campus whether it be through conducting interviews with students at your college, sharing content on social media, or conducting research on various topics for marketing research. The tasks will be given to suit each person’s interest & skill set.

Why should you join Fashom’s campus ambassador program? Fashom is a company that spreads confidence among their team members skills, encourages everyone to be their best self, and potential grow with Fashom. The team members at Fashom will help you discover your skills & interests that will aide you in your future endeavors.

If you love Fashion, creativity, & body positivity than this is the campus ambassador program for you!

Tasks for Brand Ambassador

  • Bring awareness of Fashom to your college campus.
  • Conduct one interview with a person who meets the criteria for a particular topic of the week.
  • Be active on Fashom App daily.
  • Write 2 blogs per month about a selected topic.
  • Send weekly email updates to your program coordinator.
  • Share Fashoms social media content to your social media profiles.

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Application for Brand Ambassador

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