Here is your chance to become Fashom Stars for the month! The winners will be decided based on their Fashom Points indication on the top right corner of your app. Your goal is to achieve at least 1000 points in the month to be the Fashom Star of the following month. You can also see ways to get Fashom Points by clicking on the Fashom star page on the app. For more info read below:

1- What is Fashom ?

Fashom is your platform to share and explore everyday styles. We hold no boundaries of where you are from or what you do. It's for everyone ,every where and our moto is to be #BeReal

Why become a Fashom Star?

Only Fashom stars’ posts show on the homepage feed by default. They are like sponsored posts. They have a better chance of being “Stylie Of The Day”. Fashom Stars in the coming months will also become Style Advisors and will have the choice of earning through Fashom.

How does my post get to be “Stylie Of The Day”?

For a Stylie to be featured, it must:

  • Be loved by the community - measured by the likes and comments.
  • Add to the variety of unique styles
  • Represent the diverse Global Fashom Community

How do I become Fashom Star of the Month?

Fashom stars title is based on number of points you accumulate for the month before. As an example if you accumulate 1000 points in the month of October, you will be Fashom Star of November. In order for you to maintain the title, you have to accumulate a minimum of 1000 points each month.

How do I become Fashom Star of the Month?

You can earn Fashom points for performing certain activities on

  • Upload a post for points
  • Share a post on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram
  • Get Followers
  • Invite friends with whatsapp, sms and facebook. (Hint: this is the quickest way to get the status) Have more questions? Send us an email at
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