3 Trendy Patterns for Plus-Size Women

on August 16, 2018


Patterns have been an important part of fashion for years. They have the ability to make an outfit look fancy, casual, or somewhere in between. Patterns are also great when it comes to accentuating your curves and showcasing your figure! Keep reading for 3 patterns that are perfect for plus-size women.


1. Vertical stripes add to your height. Ever wanted to look taller but didn’t feel like wearing heels? Try an outfit with vertical stripes! Your figure will definitely look elongated, and you won’t even have to wear high shoes to do it!


2. Try a smaller design such as polka dots or flowers. By wearing these kinds of patterns, you will bring more attention to your waist and other curves, instead of taking away from them by wearing larger, more distracting patterns.


3. Color-blocking is great for your waist. Color-blocking is the use of a few different colors or shapes to create a very unique pattern on clothing. By wearing an outfit with this pattern, you’ll bring out your waist, and you’ll definitely rock any look you’re wearing!


What did you think of these tips? Have any tips of your own? Let us know in the comments below!


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fashomadmin3 Trendy Patterns for Plus-Size Women

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