New Year, New Style, & Same Amazing You

on December 30, 2019

     It’s time to say goodbye to this decade and step into a brand new one with both confidence and  style. Let go of all the crazy (sometimes even outlandish) fads we all participated in and jump into 2020 being simply the best version of you. This all starts with the most important day of this new journey though, New Year’s Eve, because who doesn’t love feeling their best and starting a new 12-month chapter on a high and fashionable note? Whether you’re going to a house party, heading over to the bar, or hosting a New Year’s Eve celebration in your own home, this night is the perfect starting horn to the new decade.


Here are a few of our stylists’ top picks to help you ring in NYE right: 


  • Sequins are always a dazzling choice for New Year’s celebrations, but this year we say reinvent how we would usually wear them. Instead of dawning a sequin jumpsuit or basic sequin dress, try styling a black jumpsuit with a white blazer, and top it off with a sequined clutch to let you shimmer brighter than the ball in Times Square.  


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  • Be bold in your color choices. NYE is about celebrating another year gone by and letting go of your worries as you dance your way into the next 12 months with a new attitude. Wearing a bold like a red lip or bright jacket color can help bring you confidence and that boss-energy as you strut into the new 365 days ahead.  


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  • Metallics are a classic way to bring some shine into your new year but we love it even more because it is so easy to pull this into any look and make it as subtle or loud as you would like. A wide-leg metallic pant/legging paired with a black wrap top or leopard print tank is a look for those who really want to make entrance, however you’re not alone if that is a touch much for you. To add a little sparkle into your look without making everyone around you wear sunglasses, simply pair a shimmery eye shadow with a beautiful crimson red blouse and black skirt or your favorite LBD pulled together with a pair of metallic pumps!


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     2020 is about starting anew, but not by reinventing yourself. As we step into the new year, we will be taking our strides with a new confidence in our choice to stop hiding our flaws and trying to blend in. This year, we are making the resolution to love ourselves exactly as we are and won’t be afraid to show it.  

fashomadminNew Year, New Style, & Same Amazing You

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