New Year Resolution Follow-Through

on January 26, 2020

As this month comes to a close, we truly start to see how committed (or not) we have been to keeping our new year resolutions and the tone this sets for the next 11 months of the year ahead for us. As part of our intention-inspiration blog series here at FASHOM, we used the third-most given response by our staff on what they would like to work on for themselves this year. This answer was actually the simplest of all; to try to stick to the resolutions they created for this year. 

Compared to other resolutions made, this sounds somewhat basic but really it might arguably be the most important of them all. If we can’t keep up with small promises we make to ourselves at the beginning of the year, then how can we make those more significant positive improvements in our lives? Below, we pulled together a few simple tips that can help you keep your new year goals;

1.) Make a list – Jot down your resolutions somewhere whether it be on a piece of paper you fold up in your bag or under the notes tab on your phone. Having something you can tangibly feel in your hand and visually mapped out for you can help you reaffirm the importance of it in your daily life.

2.) Build a support system with family/friend(s) – When you share your resolution(s) with a friend or family member, you are also creating another way for you to check-in with yourself. Having someone or a few people who are aware of what goals you are trying to achieve can create both a system of support when you’re not feeling your strongest about it and an accountability source.

3.) Acknowledge when you do mess up and accept it – We are only human so there are of course going to be times we mess up our schedule and/or flow in how we follow our resolution(s). No matter what the reason for those interruptions are though, the most important thing we can do is accept what has happened and then continue pushing forward with our original mission(s). 

*Disclaimer: No references from any other texts have been made throughout this piece. All thoughts and opinions are our own as team members of Fashom. Image retrieved from Pexels.

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