What is #MyFashom Program?

Are you one of those who is always looking for something exciting. Come and be a part of the coolest club on your college campus #MYFASHOM. Fashom is looking for entrepreneurial and enthusiastic students who are involved in campus activities to promote the Fashom app in their college. We want to give an opportunity to you to run Fashom's marketing program with your bright ideas with our mentorship! Apply below to join the #MYFASHOM party!

Are you a High School student and want to be a part of the #MYFASHOM party, apply here.


Enrolled in an associate’s or Bachelor’s college/university program. Able to work at least 10-15 hours each week. Loves to be involved in fun and major campus activities. Passionate about Fashom.

Positions Available

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Responsible for overseeing the overarching goal of bringing users to Fashom to share their fashion interests.

Responsible for coordinating and overseeing campus crew’s organization and operations.

Required email checks daily and report to Fashom management on weekly status calls.

Responsible for holding weekly meeting on campus with other reps (provide weekly agenda and task lists).

Responsible for sending meeting recaps/notes to Fashom crew and Fashom Managment.

Responsible to submit budget approvals for campus events, team member activities etc.

Responsible for filling open positions if needed.

Responsible for strategizing an effective marketing plan to promote Fashom on campus.

Responsible for creating a voice for Fashom on campus that will be effective and impactful.

Responsible for posting daily to social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Vine, YouTube, blogs, etcetera) efforts to increase brand awareness, and reaching out to users directly on each platform inviting them to use Fashom.

Responsible for assisting with marketing events on campus.

Responsible for looking for opportunities to partner with pre-existing events taking place on campus to help build the brand and increase brand awareness.

Responsible for booking event space, arranging for food/beverages, ordering supplies, etcetera for all events.

Responsible for working on fliers and marketing materials for all events.

Responsible for facilitating a relationship between Fashom and Greek life on campus.

Works closely with Fashom Campus Manager and Marketing Manager to advertise and coordinate events with Greek life effectively.

Responsible for requesting social calendars at the start of each semester.

Responsible for working with event coordinator to strategize ways to get involved with Greek events on campus.

Responsible for attending chapter meetings before events to promote Fashom (take relevant supplies such as promo material, fliers, etcetera).