FASHOM is a mobile social platform that celebrates the everyday self-expression and unedited unique styles of real people around the world. This community we’re building is about sharing and exploring global fashion by real people -- no filters, no photoshop, no retouching.

 Fashom users can upload their own photos and videos, like and comment on posts, tag the brands they’re wearing, follow other users, explore new fashion ideas, share their content to other platforms, and shop through the app. You can also search a digital global map to see where other users are posting, and find cross-cultural inspiration.




We recognize that many of the images on today’s most popular social media platforms are altered and enhanced in some way to create a more “perfect” look. These “perfect” images can be intimidating, and promote an unrealistic and unattainable ideal of self-image. They are just as filtered, photoshopped, manipulated and unreal as what you find in the pages of a glossy magazine, which only perpetuates the already all-too-common body image and self-esteem issues that affect many women and men today.

 Unlike other fashion-oriented platforms where users feel they have to meet a certain aesthetic criteria in order to post, Fashom has created a space where people don’t have to be intimidated by professional-looking pictures, and where you don’t have to feel shy about posting your style.

What you’ll find on Fashom are #nofilter fashion inspirations, and a global forum of real fashion-loving women and men relating to one another over their personal styles, and forming a community around a common interest of fashion.




We are a worldwide team of multicultural individuals who strongly believes that everyone’s personal style deserves the same appreciation as high-gloss fashion imagery.

Founded by Mitali Saxena, Fashom started as an app to discover destination-specific style inspiration while packing for global travel. But as the Fashom community grew, we realized this was about so much more than just global fashion. It was a place where real people—the everywoman and everyman—could share personal fashion ideas that mattered to them and connect with like-minded people no matter where they lived in this world.