Why You Need An Online (Virtual) Stylist?

on June 26, 2020

Online personal stylists introduced new ways to improve our fashion and makeup styles. Most of them offer budget-friendly and vegan clothing without compromising the quality of their service and products. Besides that, they will ship their products directly to your doorstep, so you don’t have to leave your home.

For today’s topic, we will talk about the online styling service. What can an online stylist do? What services do they offer? So, if you want to know more about this topic, please continue reading.

Nowadays, there are tons of personal stylists that provide online styling service. They will help you try different pieces of clothes that suit your body type and style. If you want to know these professional stylists better, please join us in our exclusive discussion below.

What Is An Online Stylist?

An online or virtual stylist will help you achieve your dream look. From clothes to accessories, these professionals know everything that will make you more attractive. They will not push you to wear something that you don’t like, but instead, create a look book with various wardrobe suggestions. Usually, it is a series of mix and match clothes that meet your expectations. This way, you can choose better and give feedback about the clothes you prefer.

How Do Stylists Obtain Clothes?

Local Stores

Nowadays, most stylists borrow from stores. However, some brands require deposits or approval from the head office to ensure that everything is returned.

Press Offices

For big companies, stylists borrow clothes from press offices. They arrange the items that you need and will ship them immediately. If it is high-end jewelry, they might send a security guard to accompany it.

Local Designers

Some virtual stylists borrow from local designers. However, they need to receive credits in shots and copies of the images so they can see what the stylists have done with their products.

How Do Stylists Get Paid?

You will pay your virtual stylist project by project. Currently, the price range per session is around $20-$500 per hour, depending on their skills and your demands. If you choose to have an entry-level personal stylist, you might spend $150-$200 per day.


An online stylist’s goal is to keep you falling in love with yourself every day. They want you to look and feel beautiful at all times. This professional is ready to help you wear the best makeup and outfit without spending many hours in shopping malls.

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