Clothing Subscription Box Trends

on July 31, 2020

Subscription boxes have been around for 10 years or so, and they just keep getting more popular? Why is this? 

First of all, people like getting a clothing subscription box in the mail because it is convenient and exciting. Here are some trends in the industry to take note of: 

Experience Rules

A study by McKinsey found that consumers like great end-to-end experiences and will order a subscription box when their monthly payment gives them reduces costs and style personalization. 

Companies that send clothing subscription boxes should engage with customers constantly and get a lot of feedback about which products are most popular. 

Men Are Getting Subscriptions

Men comprise 42% of subscribers, but they typically have three or more subscriptions. This might be because men like the recurring payment plan because it means they can things delivered to them with minimal effort. To follow this trend, it is a good idea for a subscription box to appeal to men as well as women. 

More Worldwide Expansion

There are going to be more subscription boxes ordered internationally. Surveys find that 90% of these businesses sell overseas. There are big opportunities to be had with subscription box sales in foreign countries. 

Quality Is Better Than Quantity

Research shows that less can be more with a subscription box service. If a box has too many items in it, this might turn off some customers. The choices can overwhelm. They might think of just dumping the whole box rather than selecting what appeals to them. 

It is a good idea to provide a small number of high-quality clothing pieces at fair prices. 

Personalization Is Important

The above McKinsey report found there are several types of subscriptions and they all involve personalization: 

  • Replenishment: These boxes provide a ready supply of products that get used regularly and need to be resupplied. 
  • Curation: They offer personalized items that are based on what the customer wants such as clothing box subscriptions. 
  • Access: Provide selections and discounts of clothing products that a consumer often buys, such as shoes, underwear, socks, and pants. 

Many clothing subscription customers say that a personalized experience is the most important factor for them to keep getting the box. 

These are some of the most popular trends with clothing subscription boxes and services. We think you should try a clothing subscription because it is a way to keep your style up to date affordably without taking much of your time. 

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