How Clothing Subscription Boxes From FASHOM Save You Time & Money While Looking Fashionable and Great

on September 23, 2020

The demand for subscription boxes has increased over the years. In the beginning, most of these services sent products like candy and other foods, but now subscription boxes target a niche and are tailored for every customer.

So, fashion and self-care boxes are packed with fantastic items that are often discounted as they come in a bundle. You have them at your door at a reasonable price every month.

In this article, you’ll find out how Fashom boxes help you save your funds while looking fabulous and fashionable.

How Does It Work?

Before you order your package, you might want to sign up first. This way, you have your personal account, which holds all the necessary details. From email (we need to contact you) to your measurements, your account represents you.

Next, you take the styling quiz. You can tell us about your:

  • We want you to love the outfits we send you, but for that, we need to understand what you’re looking for. Is your style more romantic, or you’re a bit edgy and vampy? Even if you’re looking to get out of your comfort zone, you might want to specify precisely what you wish.
  • Along with your style, you could name some singers, models, fashion designers that inspire you. This will give our stylist a better idea of what you want.
  • You don’t want to pay for a piece that doesn’t suit your body well. Whether you’re curvy or you wear AA bras, we’ll find pieces that are flattering for your body type. No need to change your body to fit your clothes– your clothes should fit you.
  • What are the colors you like to wear, and specifically, what shades and patterns you hate? Also, your stylist can help you wear colors that you never thought you could.
  • Being fashionable is an attitude, not a price tag. It doesn’t matter what brand you’re wearing as long as it’s perfect for your body shape. So, we want to know how much you’re willing to spend on clothes.

After you take the quiz, we’ll contact you in two to three business days and select a stylist for you.

Then, the chosen stylist will put together a few items that follow your requirements, measurements, and budget. You can preview the pieces and pick your favorites.

Lastly, your package will be sent to your address. The shipment and returns are on the house.

Once you see and try the items, you can decide if you love them or if you want only some of them. You pay only for what you adore! Within three days, you can return the pieces or the whole outfit.

See? Ordering your subscription box from Fashom is easy and fun.

What Are The Benefits Of Fashom Subscription Boxes?

Here are some of the benefits of the Fashom subscription box.

1.      It’s not a subscription box

With other subscription boxes, you need to pay every month, all year round. That can take a toll on your budget.

At Fashom, we believe in freedom of choice. So, you don’t have to commit to a subscription. You pay for the box you order and only for the items that you love.

Maybe you want a box this month, but perhaps you’re away the next. Or you simply don’t want to spend money on clothes frequently.

We understand that and give you the chance to decide.

2.      You don’t have to worry about styling anymore

One of the motives why we like to go on shopping sprees or we order boxes is because we don’t know what to wear.

Every woman, at least once, said, “What do I wear today?” while opening the wardrobe and staring at her clothes.

This is what we’re here for: helping women know the flattering items to wear each day.

So, our professional stylists can do the hard work for you.

3.      You help the environment

Most of us buy items that are on sale, trendy, or showstoppers that we end up never wearing. As a result, we clutter them in the back of our wardrobes, or we throw them away. This is extremely bad for the environment. All those resources just wasted away in large quantities!

Not anymore.

With Fashom, you only buy what you need and feel like wearing. So, you can keep high-quality pieces that suit your body type and are versatile. You reduce waste and even save thousands of dollars.

Additionally, instead of commuting with your car, the delivery service brings your package. Instead of having many cars, we have one car that delivers to many people. Even less carbon emissions!

4.      You can create your own style

Most shops have the latest and trendiest fashion. However, not everything trendy is your style.

Maybe you’re one of those lawyers, essay writers, or accountants who love to dress classic. Or you like an edgier look because you’re a lead singer in a band.

The majority of shops don’t have what you like.

The stylists at Fashom can tailor the outfit to suit you and only you! They can find pieces that are rare in common stores.

So, you can be original.

5.      Fashom is a custom online shopping alternative

Online shopping revolutionized the retail industry forever. Yet, it isn’t always the best alternative. Just like on fashion sprees, sometimes you get too excited for sales and order too many items.

If you choose a company like Fashom, your stylist will prevent you from falling into traps like sales and fashion frenzies. They will help you determine what suits you perfectly, thus saving your funds for rainy days.

6.      You get styled by a professional

No matter how much you know about fashion, having someone who can give you a new perspective on fashion is quintessential.

Our Fashom stylists know color theory, shapes, sizes, and other fashion theories that you might not have the time or patience to study. So, you can count on someone who has experience in the field and knows how to dress you perfectly.

Suppose you’re working at a marketing agency, assignment writing services, or a powerful corporation. You have a meeting with the CEO, and you have no idea what to wear.

Fashom can deliver the right outfit that can help you be confident while you’re giving the most important presentation of your career.

7.      You get a first free sample

Before you pay for a package, you can try one first. This way, you know what to expect, and you can see if you like the outfit.

After that, if you choose to continue, you pay only a $20 fee that covers the items you decide to keep.

As mentioned previously, you have the possibility to return pieces all without fees.

8.      You save time

Commuting to the mall, visiting 20+ shops, trying hundreds of pieces: shopping can take a whole day!

Maybe you work as an assistant, and give some help with assignment, or always run errands. You might not be available to dedicate an entire day to the dangerous sport of shopping.

If you order online, you can take care of yourself while your package arrives. Also, the ordering protocol is easy and fun to do at Fashom.

9.      You get a discount

To help you afford high-quality and sustainable pieces, we provide discounts:

  • We provide a 25% discount for keeping three items out of five.
  • We provide a 30% discount for keeping all five pieces.

You just select your favorite pieces and return the rest.

Also, you can get a $10 credit for referring Fashom to one of your friends. If they sign up, you each get a $10 credit.

10. You make the world a better place

Every time you order a box from Fashom, you donate $1 to “Second Chance Rescue NYC.” So, together, we’re making the world a better place through sustainable fashion shopping.


Having a subscription box from Fashom is easy. You sign up, take the quiz, and get styled.

Also, you have ten major benefits from ordering at Fashom.

One of the first is the fact that you can wear perfectly styled outfits to help you seize the day. Moreover, you can save thousands of dollars, precious time, and reduce waste.


Brandon LeibowitzHow Clothing Subscription Boxes From FASHOM Save You Time & Money While Looking Fashionable and Great

How Online Shopping is Changing and Becomes Easier for Women to Buy Clothes

on September 12, 2020

Shopping online has become more and more popular in recent years. If a few years ago, you were used to going to a mall, searching for the perfect dress for your event, and just roaming through the stores, now you can do it while lounging on your own sofa.

The industry of online shopping has advanced extremely over the past few years. The invention of subscription boxes has established new norms for brands that want to create their online shop. But the progress of online shopping was stimulated when the world pandemic shook up the Earth. More and more people started shopping online, because the virus spreads quickly through the air and the risk of catching it is high in closed spaces.

Now you can shop for books, clothes, shoes, cosmetics, furniture, and even groceries online. The packages are delivered to your door, so all you have to do is to surf the internet, find the best offers, add items to your cart, shop, and pay.

Online Shopping Development

So, how did online shopping get invented? The idea was latent for many years, as people were already in 1968 searching for ways to save money and time. The first online transaction happened in 1972, when students from Stanford University used their account and artificial intelligence lab to sell each other tiny amounts of marijuana, according to an expert essay writer from assignment help online.

With the invention of the internet back in 1983, online transactions developed at an unprecedented rate. Even though the internet was first created for military purposes, it was soon expanded to be of use to scientists and communicators.

The internet is now a huge thing that eases everyone’s life, helps them plan their days, search for their next destination, and shop for devices, clothes, books, and anything they like.

According to research by thesis writing services, 72% of women compared with 68% of men choose to shop online. Online retailers are constantly working to improve their online shops and attract more customers, so how is online shopping changing? It becomes easier for women to buy clothes specifically, but is it exactly happening?

Websites Are Easier to Navigate

The last decade was marked by significant technological advancements. This contributed positively to a user interface that allows customers to shop online even easier than before. Online retailers that have online shops where they sell clothes are looking to make their websites easier to navigate.

And so, the industry of online shopping grows bigger every year. The 2017 value of e-commerce was estimated at almost 24 trillion dollars. Which is incredibly huge. Fashion is the largest online market and it gets more valuable as the year passes. Only in the US, 27% of clothing sales happen online.

To this great development of the online fashion industry contributes every retailer that puts emphasis on making things smoother for his customers. Websites are easier to navigate, they are eye-candy and look great. And visuals with a strong brand identity attract more customers.

More Discounts

The fashion industry is a fierce one and every designer or brand is competing for its place on the market. More customers mean more sales, thus more money and opportunities for development. The pool of customers is limited, so they need to secure their customers and make them loyal to the brand. In the online world where every ad promotes a new online shop, they need to make their customers loyal.

And so, discounts are offered through a lot of channels. They appear as discounts in your weekly newsletter, like ads in your Facebook or Instagram newsfeed, or you just receive one because you have visited their shop. Online shopping is changing and it is trying to make everything smoother and more cost accessible. This makes it easier for women to buy clothes online.

The shipping cost is sometimes free and those discounts can save some money that can be used for something else. Besides, discounts are a great way to make your customers loyal, and women will choose cool brands that offer high quality and discounts from time to time.

Create Accounts Easier

Every online shop requires every customer to create an account. Like this, they grow their customer database and can send you newsletters or discounts. But this might seem like a boring, energy, and time-consuming activity and some people might avoid those websites.

But this was the case before social media. Now, everyone has a Facebook or Google account. So more and more online shops allow you to instantly create an account with just a few clicks. The mandatory data about yourself is taken from your social media account and everything is ready in a matter of seconds.

As technology develops, so does the world of online shopping. They are looking to make the customer experience enjoyable and smooth to increase their retention.


Even though online payments are nothing new, some changes about them are. They are more secure than before, although they can be improved continuously. Apple Pay or Samsung Pay requires your fingerprint to allow the transaction. Some banks have even created their own app that allows you to pay your online shopping easier than before.

The technology is developing, new banks are being set up, new devices and apps are invented, and the entire world is changing. Online shopping is doing the same and it evolves along with technology. The process of buying online is easy, smooth, user-friendly, and eye-candy. It makes it easier for women, who shop online in a slightly more percentage than men, to surf the internet and decide on the clothes they want to wear.

Brands Put an Emphasis on Customers

If you look at the online buying behavior, it is easy to see that most purchases are made to replace an existing item. This means that more women shop online to replace an item in their wardrobe than they go for new clothing items.

Brands that have understood this changed the online shopping experience for women. They understood that they do not have to necessarily create entire new collections every year, but supply their online stores with successful items from previous collections. Every woman has some clothing items in her wardrobe that she is especially keen on. There are those items that are trendy and versatile every year, which makes women feel comfortable, sexy, and confident.

Finding these clothing items online makes it easier to buy them. You already know your size, all you have is to find it and order it. The entire shopping experience is more pleasant than before, and this is because it is done online and it constantly evolves, develops, and improves.


Online shopping has changed tremendously over the last decades. And it is experiencing another boom now with the world pandemic. More and more apparel brands choose to set an online store, and this comes with more costs for them. But the emphasis is put on customers and their entire shopping experience, and so it becomes easier for women to buy clothes.

Websites are easier to navigate, you can create an account in a matter of seconds and use your card to pay instantly. All these make the process of buying clothes online smoother. On top of this, more and more brands and online retailers offer huge discounts that allow women to buy more clothes at cheap prices.

Some of these brands also feature the most loved items from previous collections, so it is easier for women to replace some items in their wardrobe.

fashomadminHow Online Shopping is Changing and Becomes Easier for Women to Buy Clothes

How Fashion Subscription Boxes Save Time

on August 28, 2020

Technology has made almost every facet of our lives easier but the fashion industry had been lagging for a while. The fashion industry has started to catch up and it is making some really exciting moves.

From virtual stylists to virtual fashion shows, the innovativeness has been amazing and amongst all these fashion subscription boxes is one thing that stands out for me.

If you hate spending hours trying to pick out clothing items, then fashion subscription boxes were made just for you.

What are fashion subscription boxes

Fashion subscription boxes are an innovative new way of shopping for clothes online.

Unlike in conventional online shopping where you have to choose every single item of clothing you want to buy with fashion subscription boxes they sent you a box full to the brim with clothes.

The clothes that are delivered to you are chosen by a very complex process where data scientists and stylists work with artificial intelligence to use your data to come up with clothes that are best suited for you.

Fashion subscription boxes have been quite successful and most of the customers have been giving positive feedback. One thing all the customers agree on is that they save time.

How fashion subscription boxes save time

You can easily order it online

The best thing about fashion subscription boxes is that you can just visit a site and then go through a guided process to make it very easy for you.

There are several sites that give you a questionnaire that you have to fill out. Once you are done filling out the questionnaire, the information is fed into the algorithm and your order is done, that simple. Other sites assign a chatbot to you making it even easier.

You can see the clothes chosen for you before they are delivered

After feeding the algorithm with information pictures of the clothes that the algorithm chose for you are emailed to you. This allows you to cancel an order if you feel that you do like the clothes chosen for you.

You can return the clothes after delivery

Upon arrival, if you do not like the clothes that the system chose for you, you can easily return them and et new clothes or your money back depending on the site. This ensures that you are not stuck with items of clothing you do not like.

fashomadminHow Fashion Subscription Boxes Save Time

Benefits of Online Shopping Subscription Boxes

on August 20, 2020

Now with the recent world pandemic, everything has shifted online. People work from home or remotely, shopping is done mostly online, and more and more delivery companies have started their journey during these difficult times.

Online subscription boxes were born back in 2010 when Birchbox was the first subscription box that offered beauty products. At only 10$ per month, you were getting a box with cosmetics and samples of products. And this was a smart marketing move, as, over the years, more and more companies have adopted this promotion trick.

Now you can have anything in your online shopping subscription box. From beauty products to food, grooming, clothing, or pet products, all can be received with a subscription box. Every brand has its own prices, and some require you to pay a weekly, monthly, or yearly fee to receive periodic surprise boxes just for you, according to online assignment help.

Online subscription boxes are mostly used by millennials, but they begin to gain momentum between other generations too. They come with some benefits that cannot be countered and that help brands who promote subscription boxes increase their customer base and audience. They are a great tool to keep your customers loyal and also gain more. But they have a lot of benefits for clients too.

Customer Benefits

Customized Subscription Box

One of the best benefits of a subscription box is that it usually comes in a customized shape. This means that the brand you pay a subscription to has a department that analyzes your shopping behavior and your most liked products. They are thus able to customize your box and send you samples or free products you will be going to use.

And this thing is amazing, taking into consideration all that free samples you received and not used because they do not fit you or your lifestyle. Or those presents you received on your birthday and you do not like and you will not use them for various reasons.

However, subscription boxes contain items carefully selected by brand experts for you, which gives customers a nice feeling. It is that feeling of uniqueness that makes you feel good. At the same time, some people have trouble finding the right products for them, do not have time to look for them, or simply do not like shopping, so a subscription box does their job. You regularly receive a box with products selected just for you based on your preferences, so life can become easier.

Especially nowadays when subscription boxes can contain everything, from clothes and accessories to food and beauty products or samples.

Online Subscription

Recent studies show that youngsters are the most likely to use subscriptions, so probably they are the ones that prefer online shopping subscription boxes. We live in a world where technology is developing and advancing rapidly, and new and new tools and devices are invented to ease our lives.

One of the best technological advancements is that most payments can be done online and products or services can be ordered online too. This means that with a few clicks and a few data introduced, you can receive a periodic shopping subscription box while your money is automatically removed from your account when the payment needs to be done.

It is easier than before to order a shopping subscription box. Some brands offer online shopping subscription boxes, meaning they give you virtual gift cards to do your own shopping on their website. So, whatever you choose, the online environment will make order and payment easier than before.

You Save Money

Few people think about the economic benefits of subscription boxes. They are excellent marketing and promotion tools, but also great opportunities for customers to save some money. If you were to buy all the products you receive in a subscription box, bringing them clothes, entertainment products, or food separately, you would pay a lot more money.

Online shopping subscription boxes can help you save at least 5% money, so they are a good start, say experts from paper writing service reviews, a top essay writing service. For example, Amazon offers an online shopping subscription box that allows you to shop for any products on its platform with a 5% discount. Beauty brands offer samples or customized products at reduced prices in a subscription box. For example, the products bought individually would require you to pay at least 70$, while a subscription box is just 20$. So, you can save at least 50$ from these deals.

You Save Time

We live in a fast-paced world, where everyone is feeling that the time is pressing. People do not know how to manage and plan their time effectively, so they end up doing overtime, neglecting their families or partners, and most importantly, neglecting themselves.

Time is a precious resource that cannot be recovered once lost. And it is important to learn how to handle and plan it effectively so that you reach a balance. And it is exactly what online shopping subscription boxes come with. You no longer have to spend time driving to the location of the store, searching for the perfect product for you, buying it separately (thus paying more money), and going back home.

The subscription box arrives at your door and all you have to do is to open it and use the products. They are especially time-saving for parents who hardly find the time to rush to the stores and buy what they need.

Online shopping subscription boxes have also benefits for retailers and brands that choose to use it.

Brand Benefits

Build Customer Relationships – brands use this intelligent marketing tool to build strong customer relationships. They are willing to invest in developing and constantly improving this relationship and keeping their audience and customers close. Customers are asked for feedback every month or week, and thus brands can personalize their products and subscription boxes.

Predictable Income – online shopping subscription boxes give brands the security they need that they will be able to support their business in the future. This is because customers are billed every month.

Promotion – customers are always happy when they receive discounts or personalized offers, and this is a great benefit online shopping subscription boxes come with for brands and retailers. If they are satisfied with the products offered, they will surely tell their friends and acquaintances about this amazing subscription box. Besides, some of them will surely post it to social media, which is the environment where most retailers and brands focus their ads.


Online shopping subscription boxes have great benefits, for customers and retailers alike. If the first subscription box was born in 2010, ten years later they have evolved tremendously. More and more brands prefer to secure a predictable income monthly by offering products and discounts for their subscribers. On top of this, subscription boxes help you save time and money.

The products you receive are customized, so you do not have to spend a lot of time searching for the perfect product. And if you still want to do it, you do not have to commute, but only access their platform or website. And voila! Your products will be in front of your door, waiting to be opened and used.

fashomadminBenefits of Online Shopping Subscription Boxes

Clothing Subscription Box Trends

on July 31, 2020

Subscription boxes have been around for 10 years or so, and they just keep getting more popular? Why is this? 

First of all, people like getting a clothing subscription box in the mail because it is convenient and exciting. Here are some trends in the industry to take note of: 

Experience Rules

A study by McKinsey found that consumers like great end-to-end experiences and will order a subscription box when their monthly payment gives them reduces costs and style personalization. 

Companies that send clothing subscription boxes should engage with customers constantly and get a lot of feedback about which products are most popular. 

Men Are Getting Subscriptions

Men comprise 42% of subscribers, but they typically have three or more subscriptions. This might be because men like the recurring payment plan because it means they can things delivered to them with minimal effort. To follow this trend, it is a good idea for a subscription box to appeal to men as well as women. 

More Worldwide Expansion

There are going to be more subscription boxes ordered internationally. Surveys find that 90% of these businesses sell overseas. There are big opportunities to be had with subscription box sales in foreign countries. 

Quality Is Better Than Quantity

Research shows that less can be more with a subscription box service. If a box has too many items in it, this might turn off some customers. The choices can overwhelm. They might think of just dumping the whole box rather than selecting what appeals to them. 

It is a good idea to provide a small number of high-quality clothing pieces at fair prices. 

Personalization Is Important

The above McKinsey report found there are several types of subscriptions and they all involve personalization: 

  • Replenishment: These boxes provide a ready supply of products that get used regularly and need to be resupplied. 
  • Curation: They offer personalized items that are based on what the customer wants such as clothing box subscriptions. 
  • Access: Provide selections and discounts of clothing products that a consumer often buys, such as shoes, underwear, socks, and pants. 

Many clothing subscription customers say that a personalized experience is the most important factor for them to keep getting the box. 

These are some of the most popular trends with clothing subscription boxes and services. We think you should try a clothing subscription because it is a way to keep your style up to date affordably without taking much of your time. 

fashomadminClothing Subscription Box Trends

Why You Need An Online (Virtual) Stylist?

on June 26, 2020

Online personal stylists introduced new ways to improve our fashion and makeup styles. Most of them offer budget-friendly and vegan clothing without compromising the quality of their service and products. Besides that, they will ship their products directly to your doorstep, so you don’t have to leave your home.

For today’s topic, we will talk about the online styling service. What can an online stylist do? What services do they offer? So, if you want to know more about this topic, please continue reading.

Nowadays, there are tons of personal stylists that provide online styling service. They will help you try different pieces of clothes that suit your body type and style. If you want to know these professional stylists better, please join us in our exclusive discussion below.

What Is An Online Stylist?

An online or virtual stylist will help you achieve your dream look. From clothes to accessories, these professionals know everything that will make you more attractive. They will not push you to wear something that you don’t like, but instead, create a look book with various wardrobe suggestions. Usually, it is a series of mix and match clothes that meet your expectations. This way, you can choose better and give feedback about the clothes you prefer.

How Do Stylists Obtain Clothes?

Local Stores

Nowadays, most stylists borrow from stores. However, some brands require deposits or approval from the head office to ensure that everything is returned.

Press Offices

For big companies, stylists borrow clothes from press offices. They arrange the items that you need and will ship them immediately. If it is high-end jewelry, they might send a security guard to accompany it.

Local Designers

Some virtual stylists borrow from local designers. However, they need to receive credits in shots and copies of the images so they can see what the stylists have done with their products.

How Do Stylists Get Paid?

You will pay your virtual stylist project by project. Currently, the price range per session is around $20-$500 per hour, depending on their skills and your demands. If you choose to have an entry-level personal stylist, you might spend $150-$200 per day.


An online stylist’s goal is to keep you falling in love with yourself every day. They want you to look and feel beautiful at all times. This professional is ready to help you wear the best makeup and outfit without spending many hours in shopping malls.

fashomadminWhy You Need An Online (Virtual) Stylist?

How To Dress for Success…From Your Living Room

on April 28, 2020

This era of quarantine and isolation is an adjustment for so many, whether it’s just the way we open packages, how we grocery shop or hang-out with friends. One of the biggest and newest changes for a large percentage right now is how we work; transitioning the principles of office life to ‘work-from-home’, learning (and sometimes relearning!) technology to help manage daily tasks, and how to dress for a zoom meeting with your boss are just a few of the hurdles that have come along with this aspect. (Let us not forget homeschooling if you have children!) We may not be able to help you navigate how to work your webcam or babysit your furry friend so you don’t have to keep muting yourself every time the delivery person comes to your door, BUT what we can help you with is how to dress for success…from your living room. Right now, dressing comfortably is a priority so our stylists came up with a few easy ways for you to be both comfortable and stylishly presentable for any virtual office meeting! 

Tops are the easiest piece to pull for without spending an hour pulling yourself together plus you can still wear these without changing out of your sweatpants. ;). Even though a fair amount of us are no longer going into a physical workplace, we still want to look presentable (at least from the waist up) when we have Zoom or Skype meetings with bosses and co-workers. A light, easy button down is a great option to start off with because you can wear it open over a tank casually around the house with a pair of joggers and then simply button it up.  Also any top that has visual interest, be it a cute pattern, or ruffle will work.  Add a pair of simple drop earrings, and a touch of lipstick before hopping on your call.

Request Recommendations: Naked Zebra Long Sleeve Button-Down Blouse with Pleated Shoulders and Gilli Button Down Top 

(Images by FASHOM)

Light Spring sweaters and cardigans for the semi-chilly mornings and breezy evenings are some of our favorite layering pieces right now. These are also easy options to help you hack your way through a quick face-to-face meeting without even changing. If you’re wearing a simple crew neck tee, all you have to do is throw on a slightly more structured cardigan over it, pull your hair up into a quick pony and maybe add a cute necklace to tie everything together. It is that simple sometimes! 

Request Recommendations: Chris & Carol Rayon Knit Cardigan and Les Amis: Polka Dot Cardigan

(Images by FASHOM)

Dresses can be a bit intimidating because we tend to think of them as dressier or even formal business attire when in an office setting, but the secret right now is that you’re ‘technically’ not in an office setting unless your computer is open. This is where the miracle of the casual maxi dress comes into play: A breezy maxi dress with a flowy silhouette is an extra easy piece that can be just as comfortable throughout the day as it is stylish. Brighten this look up with a quick swipe of mascara and even a simple headband and you are ready to rock that webcam!  

Request Recommendations: Chris & Carol: Midi Knit Print Short Sleeve Dress and Chris & Carol: Amanda Striped Pocket Dress

(Images by FASHOM)

Staying in pajamas has its moments and may have sounded great at the beginning of our mandated ‘staycations’ but, aside from needing to still look professional having a little structure to our day even in our clothing routine can be good. The blurring of days feels less extreme and we find ourselves falling back into some of those healthy patterns we lost when our ‘normal’ sense of structure flew out the window. We are always striving for our style to be chic and comfortable, which sometimes feels impossible, but now we have the chance to bring these ideas together through some simple yet successful looks to help carry you through your WFH days! Request for your next styling on Fashom.

fashomadminHow To Dress for Success…From Your Living Room

Neon Jungle

on April 7, 2020

Spring is here but may look a little differently than you’re used to this year since so many are mainly experiencing it through looking outside our windows or quick walks to the mailbox. Despite most of us being in-doors right now though, we can still celebrate the season by brushing aside those dark Winter hues and re-emerging (regardless of if it’s only just into your living room) in bright, bold neon notes. From a WFO Zoom or Google Hangouts meeting to a Facetime catch-up with your girls to a cozy Skype date, here are our 3 fav ways to wear neon this season! 

  1.  For those of you who are ready to dive right in, there’s nothing we love more than a head-to toe-neon look—whether it be a jumpsuit or a t-shirt dress. Both of these one-piece wonders are both so effortless and so comfy for the Spring season! Pair these ensembles with some simple hoops and a high ponytail, and you’ll have an easy yet pulled together look that’s perfect for any FaceTime date. Request Suggestion: Skies are Blue Lace Trimmed Floral Print Dress.

2. Reaching for brighter colors over darker tones is an extra easy way to brighten up your day! Stuck in the same quarantine routine of black, grey, and navy sweatpants for the en-teenth day in a row? Try pulling out a bold tank or bright patterned hoodie instead to pair with them! Request Suggestion: Naked Zebra Side Patch Pocket Tank

If you prefer a more subtle look, we suggest bringing in the brightness through a cute belt, headband, or earrings for an easy pop of color! Other ways that can help you pull-in these bold hues in small increments are through nail polish, eye shadow, and lipstick. Starting off with lesser doses of such a loud tone family is also a great way for you to dip your toe into the neon-trend pond without feeling overwhelmed.

(Image by Pixabay)

This is the perfect time of the year to try new things, and neon is no exception! With this shifting of the seasons comes the opportunity to shift some fun new facets into your day-to-day style. This bold trend is not only great for the season but can help you brighten up a room, really make you pop on any screen, and even help give your mood a little boost!  Request for your favorite pop on color on Fashom.

fashomadminNeon Jungle

7 Ways to Help You Stay Sane in Quarantine

on March 31, 2020

Do you remember when you were a kid and you could turn just about anything into something entertaining? If you do, then you will also realize that everything was easier at that time because it was before you had all the responsibility of ‘adult’ life between spouses, kids, work, friends, bills, pets, and a few hundred other things. However, this current tumultuous period in time has made us all slow down quite a bit and, consequently, gifted us with something we have not had in quite a while – free time. Many of us now have spent at least part of this time so far doing all the fun or, even lazy, things we don’t usually have time to do throughout our ‘normal’ week but binge watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians whilst eating cheese puffs or sleeping-in until 11am are things we can only do for so long before we begin falling into a pattern where all these ‘fun’ things no longer become fun. This is when we start to search for more than simple fun in favor of things that will help us improve, explore, and grow ourselves in similar ways to when we were young. So, we have compiled a list of our top 7 favorite ways to do all of these and still stay sane in quarantine! 

  1. Pick up a creative hobby – Whether it is painting, sewing, learning piano, or jewelry making, now is the time to experiment with your creativity and tap into your artistic side. 
  1. Learn a new language – Almost everyone talks about picking up a new language every few years and we all end up blaming our lack of actually following through with it on not having enough time. This is our chance to sit down and really focus on learning that new skill, especially with so many language sites and apps having sales right now!
  1. Make working out a part of your routine – Get into a good groove (literally) by trying to create a daily routine for yourself so you still have some structure in your day and dedicate even just 20 minutes of that to getting your blood pumping a bit. 
  1. Hone your cooking skills – So many of us say we aren’t eating as healthy as we can because we don’t have the time to cook or meal prep throughout the week. Now that we can’t just grab a quick drive-thru order, take this time to enjoy working through the cooking process, find what you like and what you don’t, and learn how to become a meal-prep master!
  1. Take an online class – Do you ever wish you knew a little more about a subject you were interested in during school but haven’t had the time since then to really delve into it? There are so many online platforms that offer free online courses for everything from modern art history to quantum physics to ancient Greek literature. No grades, no pressure, and all at your own pace! 
  1. Make the time to meditate – Meditation can be great for so many things but with all the uncertainty and craziness in the world right now, taking the time to clear your mind and focus on the positives in your life sounds even better than usual. Take 10 minutes out of your day, play some calming music or find a soothing sound, and simply focus on your breathing and use that to center yourself in the moment.
  1. Organize your day-to-day necessities – We are officially in Spring now, which also means it is time for Spring cleaning. With all the extra time we have during this period, take your Spring cleaning to another level by going through all the cupboards and closets in your place, and do everything you have been putting off. It doesn’t matter if it is just switching out your Winter garb with your Spring wear, rifling through your sweaters and creating donation piles for what you don’t wear anymore, cleaning out your pantry (you don’t need Halloween candy from 2017), or re-organizing your garage!

You don’t need to do absolutely everything you have ever wanted to get done all in one day! Take it slow and integrate one or two of these at a time into your temporary ‘new normal’. This is a great way to feel like you’re accomplishing at least a few things throughout the day, as well as use your imagination again to create a rhythm that fits your unique self! 

fashomadmin7 Ways to Help You Stay Sane in Quarantine

Pisces Perfection

on March 2, 2020

Pisces season is officially in full swing and we could all take a little style inspiration from this romantic and whimsical zodiac sign. Those born between February 19th and March 20th are known to be some of the most creative and supportive people you’ll ever meet. With an easygoing, loving, and intuitive nature, it is hard to miss the shimmer that follows these water sign wonders. This same essence is portrayed in their sense of style and they almost always choose their daily look based on their mood. From flowing silhouettes to sign-inspired shades, we’ve highlighted our favorite Piscean pieces this season!

A perfect Pisces-esque piece is a slightly relaxed, yet sexy, V-neck dress that represents both their go with the flow attitude and fun, flirty side. Of course, being as creative and bold as they are, Pisces will gravitate towards colors that stand out such as sea greens, hot pinks, and lavenders. This look is easily accented by simple and chic accessories like nude heels and an acrylic clutch. 

Request Suggestion: Papermoon Emilly Scallop Stain Dress

Pisces also love embracing their femininity and are drawn to ensembles that emulate their fun-loving personalities with whimsical prints including flowers, hearts, and stars. Don’t be surprised to see one sporting a light, embroidered denim or a floral-printed bomber to create a laid back yet romantic feel. This style from Skies are Blue (see below) provides the perfect Spring day vibe when paired with a white t-shirt, bootcut jeans, and suede platform sneakers. 

Request Suggestion: Skies are Blue Floral Print Bomber Jacket

Photo by: FASHOM

One item we can guarantee you’ll find inside a Pisces’ closet is a flowy neon or patterned tank. How is that NOT the perfect Spring staple? It can easily be paired with moto leggings, open-toed pumps, and fun hoops for a date night look!

Request Suggestion: Umgee USA: Sleeveless V-Neck High Low Top 

Photo by: FASHOM

These water signs can walk into any room and instantly brighten the mood — and the same can be said with their style! Now that Spring is upon us, it’s easier than ever to feel inspired by their love of flowy garments, pops of color, and eccentric prints.

Request any of these pieces in your next FASHOM box and bring out your inner Pisces ♓️

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