7 Ways to Help You Stay Sane in Quarantine

on March 31, 2020

Do you remember when you were a kid and you could turn just about anything into something entertaining? If you do, then you will also realize that everything was easier at that time because it was before you had all the responsibility of ‘adult’ life between spouses, kids, work, friends, bills, pets, and a few hundred other things. However, this current tumultuous period in time has made us all slow down quite a bit and, consequently, gifted us with something we have not had in quite a while – free time. Many of us now have spent at least part of this time so far doing all the fun or, even lazy, things we don’t usually have time to do throughout our ‘normal’ week but binge watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians whilst eating cheese puffs or sleeping-in until 11am are things we can only do for so long before we begin falling into a pattern where all these ‘fun’ things no longer become fun. This is when we start to search for more than simple fun in favor of things that will help us improve, explore, and grow ourselves in similar ways to when we were young. So, we have compiled a list of our top 7 favorite ways to do all of these and still stay sane in quarantine! 

  1. Pick up a creative hobby – Whether it is painting, sewing, learning piano, or jewelry making, now is the time to experiment with your creativity and tap into your artistic side. 
  1. Learn a new language – Almost everyone talks about picking up a new language every few years and we all end up blaming our lack of actually following through with it on not having enough time. This is our chance to sit down and really focus on learning that new skill, especially with so many language sites and apps having sales right now!
  1. Make working out a part of your routine – Get into a good groove (literally) by trying to create a daily routine for yourself so you still have some structure in your day and dedicate even just 20 minutes of that to getting your blood pumping a bit. 
  1. Hone your cooking skills – So many of us say we aren’t eating as healthy as we can because we don’t have the time to cook or meal prep throughout the week. Now that we can’t just grab a quick drive-thru order, take this time to enjoy working through the cooking process, find what you like and what you don’t, and learn how to become a meal-prep master!
  1. Take an online class – Do you ever wish you knew a little more about a subject you were interested in during school but haven’t had the time since then to really delve into it? There are so many online platforms that offer free online courses for everything from modern art history to quantum physics to ancient Greek literature. No grades, no pressure, and all at your own pace! 
  1. Make the time to meditate – Meditation can be great for so many things but with all the uncertainty and craziness in the world right now, taking the time to clear your mind and focus on the positives in your life sounds even better than usual. Take 10 minutes out of your day, play some calming music or find a soothing sound, and simply focus on your breathing and use that to center yourself in the moment.
  1. Organize your day-to-day necessities – We are officially in Spring now, which also means it is time for Spring cleaning. With all the extra time we have during this period, take your Spring cleaning to another level by going through all the cupboards and closets in your place, and do everything you have been putting off. It doesn’t matter if it is just switching out your Winter garb with your Spring wear, rifling through your sweaters and creating donation piles for what you don’t wear anymore, cleaning out your pantry (you don’t need Halloween candy from 2017), or re-organizing your garage!

You don’t need to do absolutely everything you have ever wanted to get done all in one day! Take it slow and integrate one or two of these at a time into your temporary ‘new normal’. This is a great way to feel like you’re accomplishing at least a few things throughout the day, as well as use your imagination again to create a rhythm that fits your unique self! 

fashomadmin7 Ways to Help You Stay Sane in Quarantine

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