The Rise of Body-Positivity

on October 31, 2018


Missguided #MakeYourMark campaign. Image source The Pool

The fashion industry is usually tied up with polished, aesthetically pleasing pictures forcing people to alter their appearance to match the beauty standards in magazines and social media.

However, in the last years, we witnessed a huge shift into “raw” beauty, inclusivity and female empowerment. Numerous fashion brands have stopped retouching, antibody shaming and discrimination movement to show us natural beauty. They started promoting diverse models of every shape, color, and size in their ads and runway shows. Certain clothing brands are expanding their sizing to cover all types and body shapes.

screen-shot-2017-12-07-at-5-18-45-pm (1)

Image source Women in the World

Missguided created a winter campaign with completely un-retouched with the models’ cellulite and stretch mark on full display.  Another example is American Eagle Outfitters’ underwear brand Aerie that launched a non-photoshopped campaign in 2014. According to Business Insider, the Aerie body-positivity campaign #AerieReal – has seen a 38% increase in its same-store sales for the first quarter, while Victoria Secret’s was struggling with 1% increase of sales and received complains from its customers for over-sexualizing its ads to entice men rather than women. This dynamic shift clearly shows the changes in people mindset that prefer to see products highlighted by women from their community.


Image source Kitkateventz

While the industry is still far from perfect, Fashom believes that it is slowly changing for the better and every initiatives count and matter. Body positivity is an essence of the Fashom’s philosophy and our top priority is to inspire and motivate modern women to embrace their uniqueness instead of trying to fit in a mold.


fashomadminThe Rise of Body-Positivity

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